Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ignorance is bliss

So the quote "Ignorance is bliss" has been used all over. I never truly understood the meaning until it happened to me.(you can't really get something until you experience it yourself.) So I'm thinking why do people go to physics?, you get your futures read find out something bad going to happen and then you freak out waiting for the day its going to happen. Same thing with how the is supposedly going to end in 2012, people are trying to be good and do the right things now that they figure the worlds going to end. Some people are scared to death about dying and are paranoid because of every bad thing that they here happening on the news(earthquake in Japan, Haiti, tornado all across the south, birds dropping dead). If we never knew that the world would be ending we would living life like we always did. Ignorance truly is bliss, to bad some people don't get that concept.

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